The sun is life but it has a dark side

The sun in moderate doses is a source of vitamin D, it helps build calcium in bones and improves conditions like skin dermatitis, but only 15 to 25 minutes of sun exposure is required per day to produce the recommended doses of vitamin D. Any exposure above those 20 minutes daily is considered overexposure and can have very dangerous outcomes

The OMS states <<the best option to protect ourselves from the harmful effects from the sun is clothes with UPF50+ solar protection>>

And it is the best option because it guarantees maximum protection, without harmful chemicals  for childrens skin and it is the most durable (it does not decrease with washes and use).

What does UPF50+ mean?

At Élise et sardine all our products come with the UPF50+ standard (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

The UPF is a factor which indicates what amount of UV rays can penetrate a fabric. The UPF50+ label is a guarantee of maximum sun protection with no margin for error and the future of UV protection. This UPF index, which is based on different factors (density, colour, fibre mesh…) helps us to recognise the best products for protecting childrens skin.

<<A T-shirt with a UPF of 50 allows only 1/50 ultraviolet rays to reach the skin, whereas a cotton T-shirt only has an UPF of 5.>>

The best investment for the future of your skin’s health

Did you know that 80% of skin cancer cases could be avoided with healthy UV protection habits from childhood (AEDV)? The fact is that 80% of the solar radiation that reaches the skin does it before the age of 18.


It has been shown that children receive up to three times more ultraviolet radiation than adults, hence the importance of protecting the skin against the sun from childhood. They have less melanin to protect them and a thinner epidermis than adults, which means they are more sensitive to burns.

“You shouldn’t fear the sun, but you must avoid skin getting burnt.”

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